You can make money by blogging

By | April 26, 2017

Business people have discovered that blogging has become a viable means to market their products and services. It’s an inexpensive and effective alternative to spending big dollars on advertising. There is no doubt that you can make money by blogging.

But it doesn’t happen right away.

Sure, it can be time consuming for the writer, but the benefits cannot be overlooked. When your website features content that generates a lot of interest, awareness for that company/individual grows too.

Earning an income by blogging isn’t exactly nuclear physics. Still, there is a method to it all. And there are certain steps that must be taken in order to bring about the desired results.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s a lot involved with each step. Making money with a blog is not guaranteed at the snap of a finger. But when it’s done correctly, blogging pays off: more readers = more income.

Here’s how you can generate income by writing a blog.

You need a blog to get started

Obviously, this a no-brainer. A blog represents the start because it’s the platform you need to reach folks with your message. However, there can be issues getting a blog started, depending on how tech-savvy you are.

That used to be a problem, but not anymore. Blogs and websites can be set up very quickly and you don’t have to be a “computer nerd” to get it up and running. You can even get started for free.

Here’s one example.

Give people a reason to visit your blog/website

The blog is useless if it’s void of content. As the blogger, you have the latitude to write about topics that people are genuinely interested in. By consistently giving readers what they’re looking for, you build a reputation as a reliable source of useful information.

Not only does that help to establish your brand as viable, but it also builds credibility, which is vitally important. That’s because people tend to buy from folks that they trust.

You’ve built the blog, now work on growing readership

Do not assume that just because the blog is up and running that it will automatically attract more readers. That would be a major error.

Regardless of how much quality you provide in the blog, it means next-to-nil if people aren’t aware that the blog even exists. For that reason, it’s mandatory that you promote what you have.

Aside from paying for advertising, there other ways to promote, which are very cost-effective. As a blogger, you can further build your readership by posting in various forums that deal with the subject matter of your blog. Writing as a guest blogger on other sites that related to your niche is another meaningful way to spread the word about your offerings.

But that’s not all.

Don’t be shy about making use of social media – embrace it

By becoming active on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, you’re in an excellent position to reach more people and expand your circle of influence. It’s been proven that developing a presence on social media can further enhance marketing efforts.

That’s the beauty of social media. You can operate in a manner where readers get to know what you’re all about without feeling like they’re being unmercifully spammed. The blog gets the exposure it seeks and the readers get the value (in the content) they were looking for.

So, engage readers with content reap the rewards of building a relationship built on providing value and serving the needs of your blog’s visitors.

Continue to memorize this equation: more readers = more income.


There are even more ways to make $

Advertising: Blogs have the potential to generate income the same way that newspapers and magazines do. For newbies, though, this is one route that may not be readily available.

That’s because advertisers show more interest in buying ad space when a blog has reached a high level of traffic and brand awareness.

In the meantime, another option is to hook up with an ad network such as Google AdSense. These networks serve as middlemen of sorts which allows smaller blog publishers to run ads on the AdSense blogs. Most beginning bloggers start their advertising efforts with AdSense.

Affiliate marketing:
It may come as a surprise to some, but being an affiliate has become to chief means for bloggers to make money, especially when they first start out.

In a nutshell, you make money as an affiliate when you sell a product or service of another company. If someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase, you get the commission from that sale. Some of the most well-known affiliate programs include Amazon and Click Bank.

Promote a brick-and-mortar business: It’s not at all unusual for off-line business to have a blog. Most do it to enhance their profile and steer website visitors to their business.

Other services: Bloggers do have other avenues to make money, which includes receiving income for services rendered to their readers/subscribers. Copywriting, consulting, coaching, and training are among those free-lance services that bloggers get paid for.

Other products: Selling virtual products – such as courses of instruction, eBooks, software and reports – serve as other sources of revenue. Although these products can take a lot of time to produce, the financial rewards are worth it. Bloggers also sell physical merchandise such as T-shirts and jewelry.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket — diversify, diversify, diversify

Most bloggers who are full-time do no rely on a singular way to make money. They have multiple income streams, and it’s all by design.

When you diversify, it helps to avoid the risk of having all your eggs in one basket. At the same time, having multiple ways to generate cash, greatly accelerates the time it will take you to become a full-time entrepreneur, so you can fire your boss.

There are tons of horror stories out there about marketers who had one source of income and had a drop-off because of circumstances they had no control over. By building those multiple streams of income, you figure to save a lot of money and a lot of heartache.

Here’s a solution for your consideration

Yes, there’s much work that goes into building an online business. And not everyone who starts, gets to cross the finish line for one reason or another. Still, with all the challenges that entrepreneurs face, there is a platform that can provide what’s needed – website, training and support from a huge community of marketers (over 800,000). You can learn all about it right here.



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