“Write Like It Matters, And It Will”

By | March 24, 2017

The seven words that make up the quote in the headline above says a lot. The quote, which comes from book author Libba Bray, drives home a strong point about doing what it takes to develop as an effective writer.

And when you give it some serious thought, it falls right in line with what’s being taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

Writing is about your mindset

No doubt, writing doesn’t come very easy for a lot of people. At the same time, it’s not some obscure skill that can’t be learned and continuously honed. You see, it’s really about mindset.

How’s that?

Writing is really a mental exercise because you have think as you write. The more you do it, the better the words will begin to flow.

Look at it as a steady progression. But don’t get discouraged if your pace isn’t what you feel it should be. Baby steps are best and eventually you’ll be a lot further along in your writing than you could ever imagine.

At this hour (going on midnight on the east coast of the U.S.), I’m challenging everyone who reads this to commit to the quote in the headline of this blog entry.

Your readers will thank you

Your readers will thank you for it and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a writer who can connect in amazing ways with your readership.

It all starts with writing a blog. As much as possible, develop a habit of making a blog entry every day. What you write doesn’t have to be a certain length. The idea is to get your mental juices flowing.

As you do this on your blog, you’re building writing skills on a daily basis that will pay handsome dividends as you build your website with content. Yes, there will be times when you encounter writer’s block. But don’t let that stop you. Here are some tips to deal with writer’s block.

Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.

As always, feel free to chime in on this subject matter. I sincerely welcome the input. Please share your thoughts and/or opinions in the comments section.

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15 thoughts on ““Write Like It Matters, And It Will”

  1. Nattawut Pornnimit

    I like your mindset that inspire me to write a blog for helping people.
    Solve the problem without cost just want to help.
    Your intention is matter. Passion is key
    like name of this website.

    1. Craig Post author

      Deeply appreciate your comments. Best wishes for your success in this venture.

  2. Attila

    Hello Craig,

    I’m Attila I’m not placed to comment the wayyou write because you’re a journalist.

    BUT I like your sincere and objective approach and the way you invite to join WA with your links.

    The way you invite to write is also due to your profession and it is not easy for everyone.

    We live in a world where there are so many lights, banners, pop-ups, publicity,


    I advice to be yourself and the blog that you will create wil generate the trafic and your site will gain trust !

    TRUST is the most important key !

    It was a pleasure to revieuw your site and a revieuw is a seriuos activity and not one liners !


    Visit also my site and take a look I’m also a beginner !



    1. Craig Post author

      I agree that writing is easier for some than others. I just happen to be a writer. But I also know that you can always improve on whatever skill you set your mind to. There’s nothing to it, but to do it. I’m going to take a look at your site later today. Thanks again for your input.

  3. BobbyCorno

    What a great attitude! I sincerely appreciate the mindset you’re using to share this vision, and also to hone your own skills. We can all do great things, and the more we practice with a goal in mind, the greater those things will become. Best wishes for your success!

    1. Craig Post author

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re all in this together. By sticking with it, we will all reach our desired goals.

  4. Kevin

    Writing is the toughest thing I’ve ever don. I hated it in my high school days. Plus I’m horrible at spelling. I am definitely one of those people there writing doesn’t come easy. Now I’m 60 and I have a couple of blogs. Its a real challenge for me, but I’m happy I didn’t let my fear stop me from posting on line. If I can do it, anyone can. Craig, you’re absolutely right. It’s all about mindset. Great topic along with a nice website.

    1. Craig Post author

      Every time you make a blog entry, you’re one step closer to becoming a more proficient writer. Do not stop. It may be a struggle sometimes. But I’m sure that you’ve discovered that you’re better at it now than you were a year ago.


    Hello Craig,

    You did a remarkable job in your post as to what is important and how to implement it to others. I love writing and I Majored in Math and English in School. You gave us a great blueprint as to how one should go about learning to become a good writer that engages his listeners.

    I Pray that you are Successful in all of your endeavors and that Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You Always!

    To God Give The Glory;
    Praise His Holy Name;
    Hallelujah and Amen;
    Your Brother in Christ;

    1. Craig Post author

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. It’s greatly appreciated. Be blessed on this day and always for there is nothing that can separate you from the love God.

  6. Bob Herron

    Hey Craig, you have a great web site and great advice! it is laid out beautifully! I would have guessed that you were a writer if you hadn’t said so in your life story, and how bout that story, huh? Man!! What you went through with Marshall is really unbelievable! Your advice about writing is definitely inspiring to me, it’s just that my problem lies with my computer knowledge and when you can barely get the web site built and then the hook-ups become unbearable, what good does writing skills help? I can’t wait to get in there and start blogging away, but all the other stuff is bogging me down!! lol Oh Well!! I guess I got to get back at it and work it out. Eventually, everything will work itself out! Thanks for your advice………Bob

    1. Craig Post author

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Keep going day-by-day. You will make it through. Just don’t stop.

  7. rick

    Hi Craig-A well-written post. Concise, inspiring, and to the point. Keep up the great work!-Rick


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