What are keywords and why are they important?

If you’ve made the decision to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a key element in your marketing mix, you will have to know some things about keywords. So, just what are keywords and why are they viewed as such a critical piece in driving traffic to your blog or website?   Why do… Read More »

How effective is email marketing?

In today’s business arena, it seems that the emergence of blogging, social media, and SEO have become the marketing avenues of choice. And while it’s true that those other types of marketing have their strengths, it would be a mistake to ignore the use of emails in your marketing campaigns. Even so, this question remains:… Read More »

What is affiliate marketing and does it work?

These days, it seems that everybody is searching for meaningful ways to earn money from home. That’s hardly surprising. The global economy that continues to flourish as a result of easy access to the internet by the masses. There are so many available options as it relates to making money online. Among these options is… Read More »

For affiliate marketers, the future is full of promise

Electronic commerce is taking over the retail marketplace in major-league fashion. During the most recent Christmas holiday season, online sales totaled $91.7 million (according to data compiled by Adobe Insights).  When you consider that those numbers represent an 11% increase over 2015, that’s very impressive. And keep in mind that those sales totals were earned… Read More »

Internet Jetset review — is this legit?

INTERNET JETSET REVIEW AT A GLANCE Name: Internet Jetset (IJ) Website: imjetset.com Cost: $47 one-time for IJ membership; $47 a month for IJ & JetsetLIVE; $187 for Xtreme Case Study Archive (one-time payment) Owner: John Crestani Who is this for?: Anyone who’s interested in earning income from Internet Marketing Overall Ranking: 81 out of 100 points… Read More »

Develop the discipline to write on a regular basis

In far too many instances, writers get stuck in stall mode because they desperately want to “write the perfect piece.” They unwittingly sweat all the small details in putting together every sentence and every phrase — unnecessarily I might add. All during this process, they wind up staring at the keyboard and the computer screen… Read More »

Writing quality content

Does it really matter what the quality content is on a website? Yes, it does. That’s because the typical person who looks over a website spend less than 20 seconds browsing and looking for info they’re interested in. If they don’t see anything that draws their interest, they move on to another website. Think of… Read More »

Stay Motivated

It’s safe to say that to stay properly motivated as an entrepreneur can never be overestimated. After all, entrepreneurs are soloists. The results they get from their businesses are directly related to the energy and effort they put forth as an individuals. When you are truly motivated, you typically find ways to work effectively and… Read More »