How to get more views for your YouTube videos

By | August 17, 2017

YouTube has blossomed as a major entity in the online marketing game. It’s become a viable vehicle, especially for those who have good verbal skills and are not shy about getting in front of a camera. Not only have they become well-known personalities, but they’ve also established  strong followings. Achieving that level of success is not a matter of random luck.

There’s a definite method to getting more views on YouTube.

First things first

The first order of business is to accurately name your video file. Be sure to use words that people are likely to use when typing into the YouTube search bar. For example, if you want people find your video under “tricks you can teach your hampster,” that should be the name of the video.

In other words, the video name should contain keywords that help people find your video. In the above example, the video could also be found under the phrases “hampster tricks” and “teach hampster tricks.”

Use attention-grabbing titles

The video should be intriguing and get right to the point. Let’s say you have a video about your hampster getting out of the cage and making a mess of your kitchen. You could name it “Raging Hampster On the Loose.” The whole idea is to come up with a title that will stimulate reader interest without getting into detail. Be sure to use keywords for your video title. That’s proven way to help ensure that more people find your video on YouTube.

Be thorough when filling out video description box

This sounds like a logical step to take. But in far too many instances, folks do very little when supplying info for the video description box. Providing an on-point description — with the right keywords — is very helpful in explaining to people what they can expect to see in your video. The more reader search terms you can use in the description box, the better chance you have of significantly increasing your viewership.

Make full use of relevant tags

Another way to get more people interested in your video is the “tags” section that YouTube has. In this section, use every keyword from your title and description. These are called “relevant tags” and they are very useful. By using more of these tags, your video will show up a lot more often when people do their searches for videos on YouTube. The more the better. You can also use relevant tags that accurately describe the contents of your videos.

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