How effective is email marketing?

By | June 8, 2017

In today’s business arena, it seems that the emergence of blogging, social media, and SEO have become the marketing avenues of choice. And while it’s true that those other types of marketing have their strengths, it would be a mistake to ignore the use of emails in your marketing campaigns. Even so, this question remains: How effective is email marketing?

There are some misguided perceptions about this time tested method.

Email marketing messages cannot be classified as spam because of opt-ins, where customers willingly give their email addresses to get and news and updates based on what their specific interests are. And because the vast majority of email users prefer emails over other forms of marketing, it’s validation that email marketing is still a very viable factor in the marketplace.

For the above reasons, the use of email as a marketing tool has taken some heavy hits. A lot of that has to do with how long email has been around. But when you consider the recent research data, you learn quickly that email is more than holding its own. In fact, it widely viewed as the most effective means to reach targeted consumers with the info that they willingly want to receive.

So, there is no valid reason to shy away from emails. At the minimum, you’ll find that you’re better off by incorporating email campaigns with your other marketing methods.

A whole lot of folks continue to use email …

As popular as social media is, you can’t ignore this one statistic that screams loudly. Over 2 billion folks have active email accounts and those accounts are in use on a daily basis. With such a huge number of people using email, you might refer to it as universal usage. Don’t think so? Consider this.

Everybody is not on social media. And most definitely, they are not only every platform. Not only that, but not everyone clicks on those advertising that we see so much of on the internet. Furthermore, everybody does not read blogs. So, given the number of email users, that’s a pretty clear indication that email has not gone the way of the dinosaur and the wooly mammoth.

According to, email marketing is far more effective than two of the major social media heavyweights — Facebook and Twitter.

And they check their accounts every single day

Here’s a stat that you might find surprising. But nevertheless, it’s true. Of that 2-billion-plus email users, research reveals that 91 % check their email each and every day. Consider the math on that. That’s a huge market to tap into. With email, you can tailor your message to match the interest of your potential customers.

Keep in mind that with email, those messages stay in people’s inboxes until they are deleted. As a result, email messages have a longer life than messages sent out over social media and other marketing methods.

You are always in control with electronic mail

When using social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Twitter, marketers operate at the mercy of that media. Each platform has its own unique rules as to what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable in promotions and advertising.

As a result, marketers are forced to change the way they promote. It’s not at all unusual for these platforms to constantly change the way they display content or index search results.

That problem does not exist with email, which enables you to cultivate a 1:1 relationship with your readers. And all of this happens without the need for a third party.

Consumers have an overwhelming preference to be contacted by email over other marketing methods

In recent marketing studies, consumers make it clear that they have a strong preference for email over all the other marketing methods. In one study, 77 % of consumers expressed that when it comes to being contacted by marketers, their No. 1 choice is email.

That’s a significant figure that can’t be overlooked. The vast majority of consumers want to be contacted by email, so why not oblige them? Give the people what they want. Isn’t that what it’s all about?Because email is their preference, you stand a far better chance of getting your message across.

Consumers don’t want marketers calling them. They ignore the calls. They don’t want marketers texting them. It seems like an intrusion. Many don’t want marketers to reach out to them on social media or on other platforms, either. When given the option, the large majority of consumers request to be contacted by email. So why wouldn’t you give your audience what they want? It’s best to contact people where they want to be reached, after all. It sure increases your chances of getting your message across.

The nature of email allows you to get personal and that’s a good thing for your brand

The one element that helps email marketing stand out from social media, SEO and the rest, is the opportunity to personalize the message. There’s no need to send out a generic message like you do with a mass mailing to followers on Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Email marketing is highly effective because it can be highly targeted. In your marketing campaigns, you have the flexibility to categorize your audience according to their unique interests.

How about a four-figure return on investment?

Email marketing is far less expensive than other methods. But what’s even better is the humongous return on investment. In this article, it was determined that it’s realistic to earn $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns.

Yes, email marketing has been around for a while. It’s definitely the granddaddy compared to social media, YouTube and SEO. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a useless relic. Quite the contrary. Until proven differently, email as a marketing tool is here to stay.

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