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What to do when you have writer’s block

As someone who supplies relevant content for readers, you will — at one time or another — encounter difficulty in putting your thoughts together in a cohesive manner. This blog entry will show you what to do when you have writer’s block. As a writer, there’s no denying that you will surely have those times when… Read More »

Develop the discipline to write on a regular basis

In far too many instances, writers get stuck in stall mode because they desperately want to “write the perfect piece.” They unwittingly sweat all the small details in putting together every sentence and every phrase — unnecessarily I might add. All during this process, they wind up staring at the keyboard and the computer screen… Read More »

Writing quality content

Does it really matter what the quality content is on a website? Yes, it does. That’s because the typical person who looks over a website spend less than 20 seconds browsing and looking for info they’re interested in. If they don’t see anything that draws their interest, they move on to another website. Think of… Read More »

You can make money by blogging

Business people have discovered that blogging has become a viable means to market their products and services. It’s an inexpensive and effective alternative to spending big dollars on advertising. There is no doubt that you can make money by blogging. But it doesn’t happen right away. Sure, it can be time consuming for the writer,… Read More »

“Write Like It Matters, And It Will”

The seven words that make up the quote in the headline above says a lot. The quote, which comes from book author Libba Bray, drives home a strong point about doing what it takes to develop as an effective writer. And when you give it some serious thought, it falls right in line with what’s… Read More »