Affiliate marketing tips: some do’s and don’ts

By | August 2, 2017

Achieving and maintaining excellence in any endeavor is the direct result of what you do as much as what you don’t do. And that certainly applies for folks who are online entrepreneurs. Here’s a summarized look at some affiliate marketing tips to keep in mind as you lay the solid foundation for the ongoing success of your business.

Avoiding the shiny object syndrome is a must

No doubt, this is clearly a no-brainer. But if you’re not careful, you can easily fall prey to getting overly interested in other programs. Your progress as a business person can be severely hampered if you get caught up in going from one program to the next.

Shiny object syndrome is dangerous because it can keep you from doing the work that’s necessary to get your business to the level you desire. There are no shortcuts. There are no magic formulas that work.

Looking for a “set it and forget” business that will generate lasting success? You’re out of luck. It does not exist in the real world.


One of the best ways to understand how this works is to examine the acronym for the word “focus.”

F – follow

O – one

C — course

U – until

S – successful

In other words, keep your eye on the prize, which represents the primary goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Embrace the process of learning and honing those skills (such as video marketing, SEO, content marketing and keyword research) that will allow you to build a viable biz operation. Those are the steps you take to build a solid following that will help your venture to sustain itself over time.

Employ a mixture of marketing methods

It’s never a good idea to try to do too many things simultaneously. In the beginning stages of your business career, it’s better to learn by taking on one aspect at a time. But that doesn’t mean you should stay in a mode where you never branch out and diversify. This is particularly true when it comes to promoting what you offer.

Having a spot-on website with relevant copy that captures readers’ attention is a very good start. But it’s not the only way to generate traffic. When it comes to building traffic, you’ll discover that by incorporating other marketing methods, your audience will grow.

And you know what that means?

More traffic.

More interaction with your audience.

And eventually, more money for your business.

Give social media and YouTube a try

Now, that doesn’t mean that you must add every other form of marketing to your promotional mix. But when you consider how viable these other forms are, it would be a mistake to limit your marketing strictly to your blog or website.

Social media is proven commodity when it comes to building an audience. The same can be said for YouTube and email marketing, which by the way, continues to be the one method that does very well when executed properly.

Be sure to build an email list

Do not underestimate the value of having an email list. That’s because emails tend to be a lot more personal than the other marketing forms. Aside from that, having a list ensures that you have continued access to potential customers because they willingly gave you their email address.

Because of that access, you’re able to market multiple offers to that list via email repeatedly. The reason email works so well as a marketing vehicle is due to the trust that the marketer has established with his or her audience.

Another plus with email is that the marketer has control over the content and frequency of the promotional messages that are sent. That’s not always the case with other marketing forms that rely heavily on search engines and social media.

In the past, there were cases in which marketers’ incomes dwindled drastically due to changes in how the search engines rank pages and how YouTube ranks videos. The same has happened with Facebook.

With email, it’s marketer who makes the final decisions, which provides so much flexibility. For example, with email, you’re able to divide potential customers into specific categories and tailor those marketing messages in ways that are pertinent to each group.

There’s no denying the value in having an email list. That’s because the people on that list have expressed more than a passing interest in your offerings as a marketer. Because of that level of interest, they become excellent prospects as potential customers.


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